Women’s Ways

Women’s Circle Culture


What is it?

  • A structure to connect and communicate with other women in a mindful way.
  • A philosophy to help us create safe, supportive sisterhood with other women.
  • Information to help us practice healthy ways of communicating with other women.
  • A system of sharing, deepening and creating a fierce, loving sisterhood.


Why do we need it?

  • The ways we are trained in patriarchy to communicate with other women are competitive and destructive to community building.
  • We have been taught to compare ourselves to other women instead of being accepting and nonjudgemental of another woman’s path.
  • We don’t understand all the cultural ways we have been taught to think negatively about ourselves and other women.
  • We desire meaningful, safe sisterhood with other women but we don’t know how to practice it.

How do you practice it?

  • By learning about the cultural ways in which we have been taught to compare and compete with other women.
  • By practicing new ways of thinking and behaving that center cooperation, communication and compassion for our sisters.
  • By bringing our attention, our best intentions and our energy together in mindful ways to support and uplift other women.
  • By being willing to share and be open with other women so we can co-create trusting communities of mutually beneficial female friendships.