What is women’s Spirituality?

In essence, it is taking the base tenants of feminism and applying them in a spiritual way to your own life.

How can you excise the patriarchy that has taken root in your mind?  In what ways do you believe things that are woman hating & misogynist; versus self-loving?

We ALL have many layers of patriarchal damage. We have grown up in a world run by patriarchy for the last 8,000 years.  The very concept that women can have our own movement that centers females is right now a tremendously controversial stance. Think about why that is.  If you are not viewed as a fully human on your own, then laws can be made to control your body and your actions without you having equal representation under the law.

In feminist spirituality we name our deity Goddess.  Goddess can mean the animating life force of the Earth Herself. Goddess can mean one deity who is whole unto Herself.  Goddess can mean the multitude of ancient Goddesses from cultures across the planet. Goddess can be both the spark of divinity in you and the Great She Who is a Mystery. Goddess can be the the collective souls of the sisters you find in sacred circle. YOU decide what Goddess means for you.

Our Credo is- Fierce, Loving, sisterhood

  • We recognize 8,000 years of patriarchy.
  • We recognize today’s many manifestations of oppression.
  • We commit to change, both in culture and in ourselves.
  • We commit to move through the hard process of shedding false things we’ve been taught about ourselves, our trained ‘femininity’ and the oppression we perpetuate among ourselves.
  • We commit to making change in ourselves & our shared culture through raising each other up, not tearing each other down.
  • We recognize that women’s cultural power comes from collaboration, not competition.
  • We will strive to view our sisters through a lens of compassion and cooperation.
  • We are learning to see the Divine Female not only in others, but also in ourselves.
  • We are learning to Love our selves and our sisters.
  • We passionately defend women’s spaces, women’s culture, and women’s rights in our local communities and throughout the world.
  • We celebrate the magick and power that occurs when we join together- in ritual, in learning, in healing.
  • We commit to creating opportunities and spaces that ensure access to Women of Color, Lesbian and bisexual women, working class/poor women, and women who may be differently abled.